• A town remembered for hanging an elephant in 1916 would like move past that
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Are we just gonna ignore the elephant in the tomb?
heh, Gay street.
This article confuses me. Surely putting up a news article "THIS TOWN HANGED AN ELEPHANT BUT WANTS TO FORGET IT" is just going to remind everyone.
"Don't think of a pink elephant." Fuck!
Because an elephant never forgets. Unless you hang it. Then nobody ever forgets.
Different timew and values etc but it's still saddening to see this archived photo https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/66/Elephantmary.jpg She only attacked and killed the trainer because he prodded her at the spot where she had an abscess in her tooth, could've been worse tbh.
The worst part about how she died isn't that she had a death by hanging. . . . . . it's that she had to be hung twice because she broke the chain the first time and basically destroyed her hip on impact with the ground while still alive.
That crane loos like it's bending
Wasn't even a trainer, literally a few days before he was a bellhop or some shit at a hotel. Thanks NPR, you made my deliveries entertaining and educational yesterday.
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