• Team Fortress 2 won't get any more community medals for the forseeable future
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https://twitter.com/wickedplayer494/status/1128508623171330048 https://twitter.com/wickedplayer494/status/1128509146951749632 This is huge because medals have been the ONLY content added to the game for the last year outside of holiday events.
at least now i'll only be able to get my hopes up and be disappointed by localization files
Don't worry, that'll also stop being updated soon enough, so you wont have anything to get your hopes up and be disappointed by
The cut-off title made me think it would end '...won't get any more updates', and I was wondering what inspired Valve to suddenly be open & communicative, and, you know, not shit?
jesus they need to port TF2 to Source 2
not news worthy. They even specificy it's to find a new way to accomodate medals better.
It's about time, honestly. Taking a look at TF2 Workshop's accepted items page you have to go through nearly 6 pages of 30 badges to see an actual hat.
They're putting all their effort into the Heavy update. It sucks, but sacrifices have to be made.
To be honest this sounds like "whenever we'll be interested enough to touch it again"
Guess they even laid off the potted plant. Gotta have all hands on deck for that second DotA 2 spin-off they just trademarked. Friggin' kill me. At least then I'll be with the real Valve in the afterlife.
If I was getting paid $120K a year to sit on my ass I'd never have interest in doing anything ever again.
Why the fuck are you blaming Valve?
Oh hey it's wickedplayer494, local TF2 newsbot and universe destroyer.
Why the fuck are you blaming Valve? TF2 community caused it's own own death by being made by Valve, something that's a big no-no ESPECIALLY when it more than likely saw fucking Artifact.
I feel some residual stupid emanating from the OP.
I mean, considering how many medals are already in the game, this is a good thing. There definitely needs to be a better system in place to add them. I really don't see how this is newsworthy. Localization files still need to be updated from time to time, so it's not like these minuscule updates are going anywhere.
Why even bother at this point? Source 2's window of relevance ended years ago. And once they got DotA 2 (and Artifact) onto it, they pretty much killed its development anyway.
This is how they should probably handle it if they wanted to port it. Port the base game and iron out all the bugs before imprting custom assets.
They likely want to be able to optimize how medals are added to the game so that they can minimize the amount of work required to be put in to get them in. This is a good thing because medals are the one thing bloating the item schema. As it is now: - Every unique medal requires a different model per-class to correctly "pin" itself to the correct part of the class' body. - Every season, a new series of medals is added for participating leagues - this creates brand new item schema entries for items whose only difference is a description saying "Season [X]" on it. Why.     - Note: A vast majority of medals of the same league re-use models between seasons. "Genuine UGC Highlander Platinum Participant" medal for seasons 21 and 23 for example are identical. Let's discuss solely tournament medals for a second. [url=https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Template:List_of_tournament_medals]Take a look at this page on the TF2 Wiki[/url]. Here's an item schema entry that is basically the standard for tournament medals:         "9412"         {                     "name"                "ETF2L 6v6 Premiership Gold Medal Season 24"             "prefab"            "tournament_medal"             "item_name"            "#TF_TournamentMedal_ETF2L_6v6_Premiership_Gold"             "item_description"    "#TF_TournamentMedal_Season24"             "image_inventory"    "backpack/workshop/player/items/all_class/etf2l_2014_6v6_1st_place/etf2l_2014_6v6_1st_place"             "model_player_per_class"             {                 "basename"    "models/workshop/player/items/all_class/etf2l_2014_6v6_1st_place/etf2l_2014_6v6_1st_place_%s.mdl"             }         } Here's a breakdown: - "9412" is the item ID. - "Name" is the base name of the item. Sometimes this varies from what is actually seen ingame. - "prefab" being "tournament_medal" means that:      - It's a generic misc item.      - Loads only when it's needed.      - It is not craftable.      - It is not tradable.      - Does not show in the catalog. Instead, it falls under a generic catalog entry.      - It uses the "medal" equip region.      - It does not drop off the player model on-death.      - It can be worn by all classes.      - It makes the metallic pickup sound effect when you pick up or drop it in the inventory. - "item_name" is the internal item name. Localization files use this to define what its actual name is. - "item_description" is the same as the name - localization files will use it to define what the description says. In this case it'll just say "Season 24". - "image_inventory" is the backpack icon. - "model_player_per_class" will autofill "%s" with the class currently wearing it. This means that there are 9 individual models for this single medal. The files in particular include the .dx80.vtx, .dx90.vtx, .mdl, .sw.vtx, and .vvd. There are 9 models total and 45 files making it up for a single medal. Here's just the standard ETF2L 6v6 medals: https://imgur.com/a/40Xf35Q There's also Highlander versions of medals I am not showing. In total, here's what I found in the item schema using this one medal design: - The Participation Medal has 63 item schema entries. - The Highlander 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Medals has 39 item schema entries each. - The Highlander Group Winner Medal has 36 item schema entries. - The 6v6 Group Winner Medal has 46 item schema entries. - The 6v6 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Medals has 51 item schema entries each. There are 415 item schema entries for just ETF2L medals of this specific design. They might share the same models - which does save a lot of space - but there's still individual schema entries for each individual one. Even Saxxies don't have their own schema entries for each category/year. If you think this is remotely viable to work with as this is, you are absolutely insane. If the TF Team is planning to optimize medals in some way, there's absolutely a good number of ways they can do it: Add a proper medal bone for community medals to the class models that will allow for a single medal model for all 9 classes. Collapse identical entries for medal categories. No separation between "Season 21" and "Season 23" for example. Use new attribute akin to "saxxy_award_category" to define the season the medal was awarded for. Use new attribute akin to "is_australium_item" This would cut down the count of medals a good amount and make it more feasible to implement new ones.
Wonder if they're thinking of automating the process. And by that I mean doing nothing and forgetting the game exists.
just make medals work like conscientious objector does with decal tool texture could be changed dynamically and there could be dozens of stock medal models that these texture could be applied for
Quoting a post I made in TF2 General Chat: And game files. 2,162+ models as of this outdated list I made back in January. And that list is just the .mdl files. So multiply 2,162 by like...hmm...there's sw.vtx, vvd, phy (for some), dx80, dx90 files...so like.5. Plus the texture files for every medal which should equal at least another 2000+ files, so 6. At least 12,000 files in the game are for medals (guesstimate). Perhaps now Valve will give some thought to maybe trimming the models from the game entirely and just having most of these tourney medals as Steam Profile-displayable items. That seems to be the smart thing to do. Maybe even add a new profile showcase; "Medals" Perhaps they could even do an in-game CSGO panorama-style "Medal Case" gui for the medals where you can see all the medals you have and inspect them like you can do stickers and such. That way the models ingame would still be needed. But I also think we'd then need some way of looking at other people's medal cases, like a "Compare to <player>" option.
I'm honestly surprised they were as open to adding community medals as they were.
I find it super funny that the one time we receive news on TF2 updates, it's news that we're no longer getting something rather than actually getting something, and it's fucking medals to boot.
I mean who even wears the medals they win? They take up valuable cosmetic slots. They shouldn’t have been ingame items to begin with.
To be honest, the medals add bloat to the game system and should just be represented as an info blog when you inspect a player at most. I will argue though that a major reason you never see people actually wear them is that they simply are too small relative to regular cosmetics to really be seen unless you walk up to someone. Mad respect for allowing them to be hand-crafted models for as long as they've been, though, the game is approaching 12 years old now and they still were giving them out.
i think they're just sick from having to add new medals https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/214563/8e0272ed-0f1b-4a08-9ee4-30c5117b2c4d/image.png usually update changelog includes names of medals added, this time they didn't do this
I'm really wishing Valve would actually put in some finality to TF2 (but when have they ever been good at capping off 10+ year long series, ha ha) but right now they're just letting TF2 and the community linger like some pet that should have been put down 3 years ago. I don't think many people would be mad at this point if we got a "Hey TF2 players, the game has had a good run, we're going to keep services going and may occasionally add some community items and maps but are ceasing production on major updates." just to give some proper closure to the legend that is TF2. Keep things like the economy, servers, and annual events, but otherwise just declare TF2 a "finished product"
Leave the cosmetics and unlockables behind, just burn the economy down so it can rise again; then start with the classics.
Hey isn't this the guy who made that hometown '99 map? I remember way back that he got pissy over something in the deleted post area, back when we had one of those
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