• Serial killer Ivan Milat has terminal cancer
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Australia's worst serial killer Ivan Millat has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is unlikely to return to solitary confinement at Goulburn Supermax Jail. The 74-year-old was driven to the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney's east on Monday, where he underwent a series of tests on lumps found in his throat and stomach. Known as the Backpacker Killer, Milat has never shown remorse for murdering seven travellers — some of whom were stabbed, shot and beheaded. Their bodies were found in unmarked graves in the Belanglo State Forest between 1989 and 1993. The former road worker was handed seven life sentences in 1996. He has lost 20 kilograms over the past few months, with a source close to his family saying he was suffering from geriatric anorexia and was "dangerously thin". But prison sources told the ABC he would constantly refuse food or swallow sharp objects like paperclips and razor blades if guards did not meet his demands. Ivan Milat diagnosed with terminal cancer after tests find lumps.. Good fucking riddance.
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