0.4% of all the Gmod players has played with garry!

How many players is 0.4% of all Garrys mod players?

I have and I have no idea how many players play garrysmod

Achievement unlocker

I have it and have no idea how I got it

There are a few legit ones, I got mine playing on game1.garrysmod.com during the fretta contest testing.


I have it too, and i have no idea where i got it O.O

I’ve played with him, Overv and some other dude ages ago, before Achievements were added. 'tis a shame.

He joined the slackersgaming.com darkRP server about a year ago, when I used to admin there. Was before achievements though. :c

Got it when I joined the Fretta testing server.


In January this year or so. :v: