00[DE/EU]Rust-Wildlife 01.07/PVP/Groups/Remove/Playerlist/no durability/anti-cheat

***Hello everyone,

We want to introduce our new server, so here are the most important informations for u:***


-Groups (Plugin) - u can form groups, use the groupchat, setting up a message of the day and show your groups name in the chat. there is also no friendly fire in the group.

-Remove (Plugin) - u can remove builded structures, u will not get your materials back, there are settings preventing small stashes to be placed under pillars, there are settings preventing storage boxes to be set under a foundation, u cannot remove while in combat/raid.

-Playerlist (Plugin)- u can show up the playerlist

-no durability (setting) - items and armour wont loose durability

-Crafting at 50% (setting) -faster craftingspeed

Anti cheat programms: There are many tools we use to keep the server secure for example “R-AntiSpeed Hack with Auto-Ban 1.0.5” and AzuCheat - Movement Check/FairFight 0.2 …we are trying to have the admins less involved into the direct gameplay to not have flying admins around with god mode making u wasting bullets or scaring u to death ;D

Other serverinformation: Sleeper, Airdrop at 20 player or more, daylenght 50min/night 10min, fall damage, fix your name plugin, private message, history.

-Teamspeak-Server- yes we also have a 20 slots teamspeak server for common usage or any ingame problem, the IP is shown ingame.

1.No Hacks, cheats…
2.Chat language German/English
3.No suicide homes. every building has to have a entrence/a legit way to raid

To reach our server manually press F1 in the main menue. then copy and paste the following: net.connect

Last Wipe: 04.07.2014 Next Wipe: No other Wipe planned
The Wildlife is awaiting u…