007 James Bond Models/Ports WIP Thread

A work in progress thread. Wanna help on rigging go ahead. I made this since I needed help



Completed Ports:

The Golden Gun



Sean Connery 007

Francisco Scaramanga

Daniel Craig - James Bond

Oddjob’s Hat

Pierce Brosnan - James Bond


How can I help rig if you don’t post the files?

Sorry, forgot to add link


Been wanting some good bond models, this looks good

no offense but your max payne 3 release is far from finished and really
buggy. i hope you put some more effort into these models IF you’re
willing to help.

I’m working on a Sean Connery headhack. After that I’ll do Christopher Lee

I miss Pierce :frowning:

No worries, I have his model from Everything or Nothing

Do they have Sean Bean as 006 in this game?

Sadly, no. You can get his model from GE: Source

Fixer sent me a update

No way! :open_mouth: I support this thread. I cant wait for Sean Connery :smiley: Oh and do you have screenshots of the GoldenEye Source characters? I’ve only ever seen Boris… I’m convinced that the characters are reskins of the HL2 citizens.

Also, the ones in the pack for this thread… are all the characters in that picture? Or is there more?

Gosh, that stuff is priceless, waiting for Sean Connery and Jaws.

Theirs more

Released: Sean Connery as 007


Sorry man, but you should have waited before releasing this. It’s barley functioning and the broken spawn is a real killer.

Why did you reply to both threads?

I have noticed in all the 007 models you have been hacking. All of them Have stubby necks. I believe you need to move the suits down more. Literally every one you posted on the hacks thread had a stubby neck. Its something to fix.

Francisco Scaramanga released


And you still didn’t fix the rigging, did you