02: Armour Angles

Karbine asked me to do the next tutorial for him.
It’s basic and to the point, but should be a good base for anyone building ACF stuff.

Wats an tarp shote

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I wonder if anyone can point out which of those turrets are fictional and which are based on real turrets.

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…And who made which.

nice to see these tuts, i’m lovin it. it’s great to see this stuff, I look forward to more advanced things being covered (hopefully).

Just throwing it out there since i think they might be helpful, panzerworld’s armor slope calculator. Lets you determine the exact effects of your slope. I use it all the time

Laughed for about 5 minutes at title number two. Great tutorial. Maybe Ill finally make some tanks

If only there was such a thing as AP (armour piercing) projectiles in gmod…

Still, your tutorial isn’t completely useless; momentum can be expressed as a vector;

When a projectile hits a surface only the component of its momentum normal to the surface can be transferred as force. Therefore breakable props at an angle to a projectile should fare better than props with their surface normal to it’s momentum vector, just like your diagrams show.

The same would apply to a shockwave in real life, but sadly not to gmod explosives.

Very nicely laid out and presented btw, gj.

There are AP projectiles in GMod in ACF.

Armored Comabat Framework.


For coma patients.


comabat framework

frambate comawork

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(User was banned for this post ("Was warned" - Orkel))


(User was banned for this post ("Was warned" - Orkel))

See why we shouldn’t have mods in this section?

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seriously, not trying to be mean or stuck-up or something, but contraptions really doesn’t need moderating, certainly not for dumb stuff like that. If people aren’t spamming goatse or flamewarring for days on end, just kinda let it be. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Spam is spam no matter the section. If moderators haven’t been here before and there’s been rulebreaking, it doesn’t mean that it was ever allowed in the first place. Just that there was no one to see it.

I disagree. There’s no reason to be retarded.