04-03-2014 Fresh server! Oxide, No griefing, No cheating, NO ADMIN ABUSE


Hello dear community.

We are a bunch of elderly guys, who likes to run a fair server. Admins get NO perks. They usually have :heart::heart::heart::heart:ty bases, given they dont have the same gametime as others, due to admin work. That is how we roll, and it is rewarding in its own way. I cant count the times i have died from hunger as an admin. Too many. But thats just how it is.

Our Mods are Oxide. They do NOT give you an edge at any point, but add convenience for the newbie who joins rust for the first hundred hours. Our addons do not hold your hand, and does not give you an m4 when joining. That is up to yourself.

We have no kits, tp, and such, but we do have these plugins to aid new players:

/who (shows player number)
/players (shows players, and online admin names)
/lm (displays name of nearest landmark, good for learning the names of the map)
/location (shows coordinates, can be used to show your position on rustnutst.map)
/rules (shows our rules)
/help (shows all the commands, and has an updated list of bandits to look out for)

If you are interested, we have some of the most interesting policemen and bandits you will ever find.

And, feel free to add me on steam if you want to ask about something. I also have no problem holding new players hands a little the first days, and show you the ropes. That is a part i really enjoy in this game.

Let me know if you like the server :slight_smile:


Server is good. Already 22+ ppl online.

The server is approx 40min old,fresh as hell. New players joining in,fun :slight_smile:

Nice server active admins

Not a bad server

Ty for the support guys :slight_smile:

But feel free to bash the server in any way, it might not always be perfect…