06/21 RareMilItms|Custom&ExtraLoot|AdultAdmins|InstaCrNo Dura

Policy on Server Wipes:
We don’t want to be wiping the server every 2 weeks. We want to keep the server up as long as possible. It’s so stupid restarting everything twice a month, isn’t it?

In-game hit F1 then type net.connect rust.CMWgaming.com:28970

Starter Kit: Asterisk signifies items received only once upon connection of server.
Full Leather Suit

9MM Pistol*
x50 9MM Ammo*
2 Supply Signals*
Stone Axe
Sleeping Bag


  1. No Words of racism / bigotry. Use will result in ban without warning.
  2. No Glitching/Hacking/Cheating
  3. No building on/near loot points

BriDawg (PrOpR1oCePtIoN)


Added Loot Points:

  1. Resource Fort (x: 5400, y: 438, z: -3395) <-- Has 11 Loot bins!!!

  2. Portugal Barns (x: 4369, y: 446, z: -4371) <-- Has 7 Loot bins!!!

Remove Tool:
Two hits from a pick axe will remove items on YOUR foundation only. You must start from the high item and work your way down. To prevent misuse of this, you only get limited amount of raw material in return. You can also remove your own items such as storage boxes/doors/etc.

Notable Plugins:

  1. Autolocation tracking. Sign in with your Steam Name/ID on http://rustnuts.com while in the server and it will automatically show your location!
  2. /rank and /stats
  3. /list to show available players
  4. Doorshare /share <playername> /unshare <playername>

The Loot
We customized the loot so that the chances at military weapons/armors (kevlar) are significantly decreased. Pistols, 9mm Ammo, Shotgun ammo, shotguns, consumables, and leather/rad suits are failry common. Bolt action is the highest probability of being found in as “military weapon”, MP5A4 is second, and M4 last. Kevlar pieces will randomly drop from Supply Drops. Supply Signals are available in JunkSpawnLoot boxes, as well as, random from Supply Drops. C4/Grenades can only be found in supply drops. Explosives are not currently in the loot table, however, will be introduced as population grows (We will inform you of this when it happens!). The intent of this to decrease the need for wipes. We got tired of servers wiping every other week because people were to OP.

  • Metal building parts are most frequent from Supply Drops, and are random out of mutant animals and boxes.

No one online… To bad.

It was middle of the day, and we all have jobs :slight_smile:

Once the server gets a few more regulars, we won’t have that issue. 7 online atm.

Weekend item giveaways happening! Win Smoke signals, armor sets, weapons! Come join in!

We’re seeing some new buildings being constructed! A few of the admins houses have already been raided. Is it your turn to raid us?

4th of July giveaways!

Win Smoke Signals!
Win Bolt-Action!
Win M4!

To win:
Hunt down and kill myself, StrangeTalent. I will be near the added loot town on Resource Mt. Road.
Beware of those that would give you harm. Use your pistol and any other resources you receive wisely!

Server seems to be offline. =(

Odd, restarted the server :slight_smile:

Hmm… server wiped now?