07.05.2016 / EAC: EAC Disconnected bug

I was playing on a Server with a friend of mine when i suddenly disconnected ( my entire internet shut off and i had to restart the router). When i tried to reconnect i got a " Disconnected: EAC: EAC Disconnected" Error. Now i cant connect to any server anymore.

Maybe this helps: I disconnected when another friend of mine tried to connect (no family share or anythign involved). And he is getting the same error.

  1. turn off your internet for 5 minutes.
  2. refresh internet settings down on the time. use google to get a how-to. really simple.
  3. change your download server
  4. Refresh Steam DNS+Refresh Steam. use google.
  5. verify cachu or whatever it’s called on steam.

This could also solve the problem open rust via folders and start the exe without an symbol.

looks like there was a problem with the eac server. After 30min trying to reconnect, the error went away.