09/12 6pm Rust Nation NoDura/AirDrops/AntiHack/ActiveAdmins

Rust Nation is the place you want to be if you like playing vanilla but without cheaters and glitchers like the good old times. We run Oxide 1.18 mostly for Anti-Hack and Anti-Glitch plugins. We now know we can make a perfect PvP world and finaly play the real Rust. Admins are really professional and mature since they are old school gamers. We have already over 150 bans so pretty much all the hardcore hackers are gone and now we need people to replace them! We wipe every 2 weeks on fridays or saturdays night. Make Rust Nation your home and you wont regret it! The server is perfectly modded and balanced! We are killing ourself making the perfect server so come and support us and make it possible!




-DoorShare (You can share your doors with your friends)
-SleepOver (Prevents sleeping baggers)
-Anti-Rock Glitch (Cant build under rock)
-Anti-Wall Loot (Cant crack loot)
-Death Handler (Show who killed who in public chat)
-Groups (You can make groups and not kill each others)
-R-AntiCheat (Cant Speedhack, Flyhack, Jumphack)
-Remover (You can remove every structure you own (except for some) and also admins can help you with griefing)
-AutoMessage (Send automated messages)

Most of the Anti-Hack or Anti-Glitch plugins set to auto-ban.

Best server i’ve ever played on, no joke, hackers don’t last more than 2 minutes on this server, the anit hack pluggins are amazing. Great Admins and great people to play with. There are no Hackusations flying around like on every other server because everyone knows that the pluggins catch them every time. Come play!

This server has been down for the last day or so. Any status on when it will be coming back up?


The server suffered a DDoS attack from a butthurt hacker, but it’s back online and better than before. Active admins almost 24/7.

BY FAR, this is the best server I have ever played on… Hackers don’t stand a chance. Awesome anti-hack pluggins and experienced admins make a perfect server to play in. There are really skilled players and everyone has a chance to get started since there are only modded airdrops for the first few days(meaning no explosives or c4 in ADs).

Just press F1 while in game and paste this:


*Support this amazing server… You won’t regret it (Y)

Bump for you man this is all that we have left, Its the best server for vanilla play style without the sleepingbag gliches or speedhackers its awesome here keep this alive!

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net.connect this is the IP guys