0v3rkills Posing portfolio!!!

All poses done by me.
Edits by miscellaneous people.

Edit by Chestymgee


Edit by Masterfgh


Edit by Armageddon104


Edit by Dubeard


Edit by -Ben_Wolfe-



Edit by Domino


Amazing edit by Denmon


If you want me to test your models, and make the screenshots look presentable, pm me!

Damn nice, all of them.

good 1

Great posing.

Wow, very nice posing and editing! Sucks that i cant give you 2 paints :stuck_out_tongue:
I just feel like Chesty’s got too much blur :o maybe it is just me.

Edit: Domino’s its EPIC.

The blur was in-game depth-of-field. It was already there.

I like that last one! Must have been one hell of a man who did that one!

He’s a man and a half.

You like machine guns, don’t you.

You’ve got some great posing, and it was a pleasure editing. Now do your own stuff. :frown:

Just kidding.

I like things that go bang.

Awesome pics.

Also the hunter is on theaters near us.