"0x10248f3f" is a fag

Don’t tell me he never comes and ruin your games.

Or else you’re a dnjshzs

Ugh, I hate it when that shit happens.

OMFG this was god I just cried it was just so i loved it make me MOAR

It also sucks to have this happen my Gmod crashes from it

Haha, awesome !

(doesn’t happen to me, god bless vista)

Well executed sir.


They’re watching me. I see error messages.

Thanks everyone!


I hate that bug…

So do I.

AAH! magic pretty gravitycat bluscreen of death!!

Nice! I had a laugh

I get it in Gmod too often :frowning:

Yea I get that error too many times.

I found a solution, you gain performance and plus it stop crashs.

First, get back to Directx8, by putting this startup command: “-dxlevel 8” remove it the second time you run gmod.

Then Decrease your video settings, as texture and models quality.

I didnt crash since i did this.

Well at least it worked for me.

I used to get that error a lot in my old pc but my new one kicks gmod :slight_smile:

My Garry’s Mod never crashes.

That fucking shit happens ALL the time, I can’t get anything done anymore.

Try do decrease your video settings.

A lot.

On tf2 it use to crash ever 2-3 map changes, I changed a few settings lowed AA just abit, I got a fucking gts 250 so im not going to play my games on low, So i took of multycore rendering ( I didn’t note a change in game) then it didn’t crashing AS MUCH so I am trying to still FINE tune, question though, what does color correction do?