1,000 Days


**More Vibrant


**Original **


Thanks jimjam

Aw yah, son. Time to get shwifty

whats a shwifty

he’s referring to that one song from Rick and Morty, I think.

Came out real good brah:happy:

I don’t understand the song but I think it means something epic

Dude, that’s incredibly detailed. Did you use the poster command?

Poster 2. I usually do Poster 4 or 6, (Which I’m pretty sure isn’t actually that beneficial, but I didn’t want to wait for it to render that long.

edit: added original to op

It’s like you nailed the witcher lighting effect perfectly.


holy shit man, that’s some real nice editing

Almost fully thanks to Vioxtar for helping me with the fire.

I personally dig the more vibrant one but it looks fucking stellar Proto.

Thank you, it means a lot.

Awesome work dude!

I hate to be that person, but where did the circle in the mouth of the giant statue come from, the bowls, and what model is the character?

The entire thing was made using models from TheMask’s scenebuilding pack. The character model is a personal model not available for download.

Very excellent, adventurous looking.

Thank you! I’ve been trying to get more creative.

I think the pose would’ve benefited with some orange rim-lighting on the stuff in the foreground and Squiddy’s perskin.

I thought about it, but I decided against it. I didn’t want the fire to seem super overpowering and mix with the light from the orb-thing. But, I edited the fire like it was, not really thinking.

Thanks for the feedback.