1/2 durability mod

What is the most simple way to add half dura to a server? We are pure vanilla ATM and want to stay that way just add 1/2 dura with the least amount of plugins/lag

any help?

conditionloss.armorhealthmult “0.15” // standard 0.25 armor
conditionloss.damagemultiplier “0.5” // standard 1 hatchets and weapon

setting the armorhealthmult to 0.15 makes it 1/4 dura? typo?

would i do 0.30 for 1/2 dura or 0.50?

these are the standards value (as i wrote after //):

If 0.25 is 100% or 1/1… 0.0625 would be 25% or 1/4.


Hey man I promise I’m not completely retarded but for some reason I’m not following you very well. I would like to have 1/2 durability, please give me the exact commands to enter lol

conditionloss.armorhealthmult “0.125”
conditionloss.damagemultiplier “0.5”