1-2 Naked Player: Hardly raidable or Un-raidable base for less than 250 Wooden Planks.

Good Day Dear Naked Rust Players!

I’ve spent hours and hours trying to build a raid free base, but in current conditions it is just impossible.
There is always a way to raid or even few!

I have divided base defense in two parts: inner defense and outer defense.

To protect your base from the** inside raid**, best solution is to use suicide method and some pillars in necessary.

For your outer defense… there is no magic system or structure, you may build a pillar forest around your base or a singe foundation…however a persistent raider will find a way to counter it.

For the reason mentioned above, i’ve started to search for a specific/unique place which would provide me with a good passive outer defense for my base and would save me lots of resources.
In other worlds, raiders won’t be able to build towers next to my base.

**I would like to show you my prototype of such building and would be happy to hear your feedback. **

  1. Look for outside.
  1. How to get in and take your loot.


Look inside:

How it works:

I dont really see how youre sopposed to get inside

You kill yourself.

That’s all survival is about. Killing yourself to be safe.

so … if i get a crapload of loot i kill myself?
dude i can get these UNRAIDABLE bases myself but the trick is: u can actually get inside?
and i can still raid this man…
build a stairs… thats it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the concept of those bases is pretty nice, maybe in the future we can get some rope-ladders.

Negative point would be you need another person inside to let it down for you to come in or if you are playing alone everyone could use the rope-ladder until you pull it back when back at base.

edit… I get it now… he climbs to the crate… puts all his shit in there… then suicides… respawns in base… opens the back door… get’s all his stuff out the crate… sorted… pretty clever…

This is clever but you can still build stairs up it

Sure … u can build stairs within those 4 pillars he made … but if u look at the screenie on the ground … there is no place for a foundation beside any corner … u can not build beside due to the rocks …

I am afraid you will need to find a better solution to get inside …

There is one way tho …

Bring your sleeping back, and if not secured good enough around, you can add the bag on the crate, suicide, get your bag, and add it to the next floor… suicide, and you are in!

Cons: you can not do this solo, ( you can, but it takes a long long time )
Pros: when u first get in, you can take over the base, and as you know how to do it, you can then prevent it from happening again!

-snip read op wrong-

edit: there already is a pillar where the crate is…

so you jump to get access to your storage box, put all the things you gathered in it and then you suicide to spawn in your base? after that you switch the whole stuff from the box into another inside your base?

Basically you shift loot around boxes while exploiting respawns. Clever use of game mechanics.

I like it. I’ll try and remake this on another server some time.

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Wait, how would you get your sleeping back in after building?

That’s right.

I used barricade on a pillar, placed ceiling and sleeping bag. You will need to use stairs and barricades to build it.

However, the main trick here is terrain, not the tower :slight_smile:

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P.S. if this topic is interesting, i will add few more small and tricky bases that i have created recently :smile:

Hope they will be useful.

You need to build stairs first on the foundation… after you finish building you close it with a ceiling and destroy all stairs, after destroying all stairs you place a pillar in the middle of the foundation so you can’t build stairs again

It looks like the base is still pretty easy to raid by placing a spike wall between two pillars. The fact that you can place stairs under the house is also helpful.

You should have placed ceilings every so often underneath the base so stairs could not be placed.

Stairs can’t be placed when there is a pillar in the middle.
Every level has 9 pillars.

Where is this located? Seems like it needs a very specific rock formation to work

If you could give the coords using this it would be fantastic http://playrustwiki.com/images/6/62/Newbie_Navigation_2.2.jpg