1,200 balls down a hill

Is what is says lol. i filmed with phys timescale down to .25 then sped up 4 times…filmed with fraps.

This must have been out of game optimized. Holy fuck.

This thread is about balls


Was I the only one thinking of the 1812 Overture while watching this?

It would be awesome with this on a multiplayer server.

Building at the bottom of the hill, the map starts shaking… look up the hill…

Lost connection to server.

at around 0:46 I was like HOLYMOFOS

Wait what map is that?

That reminds me of the mountain scene in the movie “2012”.

heh its gm_hugehill and no…this was recorded in game with fraps…east your heart out? meh no. i WILL be working on 4000 balls down a hill once im back home. (when i say working on ill just be dropping 4000 balls down a hill :P) P.S the 4k balls video will show all of the balls coming down and stopping…not just some that stopped.

Maybe I’ll use this to speed test my new laptop, once I get it.

XD i wouldnt sugest that…had my pc running flat out

Needs march of the vikings.


What did you set the physics timescale to, and what CPU do you have running it all?

You are ballsy man. Nice!

Kill kill


Needs some dramatic music. Like orchestra stuff

From far it looks like a Garden Gnome attack.

And other thing it reminded me of was Lord of the Rings. When the help arrives to the Helm’s Deep

So you did it just by adding balls over the top of the hill and then unfreezing.

should have used melons :smiley: xD

Ride of the Valkyries!

The video is pretty good, but I would suggest a better way to film… it seemed jittery…

Do you have this?

You can create a custom camera path that moves by itself… would be helpful for following the balls…

But overall still a good video