1/24/14 Patch Preview - Combo Locks, Beds & Music

Seems like now there’s going to be foundations everywhere from where raiders needed a respawn point

You know if the combolock password can be removed? I feel that a 4 digit password is someting not really safe as I can see a lot of people using bruteforce programs to open them.

You have to choose to set a password, so if you never set one it wont have a combo that will get in.

Once you choose to set a password you can change it, but you cannot remove it.

More doors, more combinations, more secure… so keep a pen and paper handy while playing… and don’t lose that paper, or you’ll be locked out of half your base… hrm.

Ok, don’t feel safe with 4 numbers, would feel safer with a 4 chars password instead only numbers.

Nice one.

better be some sort of server-side cooldown on that combo lock. i can see people hooking the client & sending 9999 unlock requests to get it unlocked. love the sound though

10.000 (0000-9999)

Hmm, that’s cool and bad at the same time. It’s going to be a pain in the ass if you are being chased to run at home and type your password…

I’d like something like a key you could use only once on your character and then unlock all the door “binded” with that key… If you die the owner of the door have to re craft the key.

Looks good. I would rather see up to a 6 digit password. Other games in the past with 4 digits can be cracked easier. If you did a 6 digit or less then you could have more options. Or at least a cool down period if the wrong password is entered more then 3 times you cant enter in password for 5 min… But the owner wont be affected. Just food for thought. I also love the idea of numbers and letters for password. Then its pretty hard to crack. Will this be available on official servers?

Hope there is more to that update cause that is pretty shit everyone is gonna turn the music off Fix the aimbotts allready

This only highlights some of the content updates, there will be numerous bug fixes.

Aimbotting however will never be completely eradicated.

So, this means for every door, you have to enter a password? I’m bearing on 35 doors in my base. And quite frankly, that’s meager compared to some who anywhere from 70-100 doors in their base.
Granted, you aren’t going to go through every single one,all the time. However…If your base is constantly raided, you need those doors. At the same time, what is a password to a raider? Nothing C4 can’t take care of…
Not sure about this one

I love the idea of combination locks, that would make it easier to start up a community even if you don’t really trust some of the members.

But as some people have stated, there might be a big chance that people start bruteforcing the locks… If they’d try a combination every second it would take them about 2-3 hours to crack it tops. Assuming they would start at 0001 and so on I’d guess that there’s a big chance that they’d crack it faster then 2-3 hours (since people would usually go with combinations 1-7 ) Keep in mind, I’m just guessing, but I can already hear the complains on the forums: “i got hacked, my door is still up but my stuff is gone” - “ppl know my locking code, it’s 4321, how did they know?”

etc. etc.

loving everthing except the ambient music :slight_smile:

Didn’t you guys watch the video properly?

Owners of the door can still open the door as per normal without entering the code

The whole point is so that you can share your door with your friend by telling him the code.
Or the whole server by typing it in global chat. yeah.

I like everything so far except the grass and music. The grass is just really pointless. Having it on is a MAJOR pvp disadvantage. So I won’t be one to experience the beauty of it until my character is no longer a dwarf.

The view of the player is just way too low in this game. If grass was forced on then it wouldn’t be a problem. Right now it’s not an option whether to keep it off or on.

Have to listen the whole ambient soundtrack but it doesn’t seem extraordinary.