1-29 [PVP/Sleepers] NOCRAFTC4 | OXIDE| DailyAdmins| .5craft

Wiped 1-29! Come get a fresh fair start!
Door Sharing / Active Admins / Foundation / Ceiling / Pillar Removal / NOOB FRIENDLY - We will teach you how to play!
Looking forward to seeing a lot of players after the wipe.
C4 Will be from airdrops and zombies with a slightly increased rate from crates and zombies while explosives are removed from the game.
Guns and all other drops are normal.
No admin abuse, admins investigate all cases, active log management.
Open your game and press F1 and then type

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))


Love this server!

Already increasing in population pretty quick ! JOIN UP

Great server, very active admins, fun community. The population is growing steadily with each passing day and we all would love for you to join us. Definitely give it a shot.

I’m having a real fun time on this server.

The admins are fair and active.

The chat and community is fairly friendly yet definitely respectful.

The wipe was just about 2 days ago, so still very fresh as the population high gets to about 15-18 people.

The c4 drop rates are great for giving new players the chance to get some, and the no craft c4 is great cause it makes it so that more geared people don’t have an infinite supply.

There aren’t many groups which is good if you’re running solo. The groups that are here aren’t bigger than 2-3 people.

I’ve played about 250 hours on rust and this is def one of the best servers that I’ve been in.

Looking for more players to join! There are teams recruiting members here! Join and ask about joining a group!

Another day on the server and its even grown more and still just as enjoyable give it a shot guys.

Would love to get some more players! Hackers are banned in minutes! Admins are always on!