1.6 to Source exporter

What? I would like to see duhhh in source. And I have tried to port duhhh and gahhh to source. This would be a good idea

Could you try to not talk like an idiot and speak like a normal person?
There is only one way to port Goldsourse models to Source, and it’s explained here.

No, duhhh and gahhh are map names

Then why didn’t you say that in the first place, I don’t speak “idiot”.
One of my friends has attempted it, but the materials path won’t go to the correct place.

Try asking in the Mapping section, I’m sure someone there knows.

Why not ask Nipper (the original map author) if he wants to remake it for the Source engine…

Didn’t he already?
nvm those were ‘sequels’

Oh no that was just blahhh.


its almost impossible to decompile goldsource maps if you had the vmf then you could just copy it over for the biggest part