1,950 players

2 pvp servers 1 nopvp…

550 online trying to login on Eu server.
Maybe this is the problem?. Im just saying.

dumb… why? to much traffic to much players trying to connect at the same time, to much bugs that players create.
But also good in some way, that the bugs can be found so they can fix it.

(sorry bad grammar)

Well if you lurked more you would see that garry is adding more servers and trying to get these 3/4 servers stable…

FYI, players don’t “create bugs”.

They are stress testing the servers, to see if the game can manage a lot of players
It’s supposed to be a MMO game, so they have to get a lot of players on the same server

Look the “dumb” rating on the first post on the thread… and you watch who is here for troll, and who try to participate normally …

i dont know wath capacity can ensure the server… but its sure we have never see that quantity of player in same time :stuck_out_tongue: