#1 AU|Active Admins|Competitions|Helpful Community|Airdrops


Looking for members to grow our small community into a prospering world.

So far we have 3-4 small groups with a clan of 20 planning on joining once the server has consistent numbers.

So far no hostile groups have mass-produced or even attained Explosive Charges, so right now is an opportune time to stake your claim in a soon to be flourishing community.

Very hospitable admin team, can give small starter items and blow down walls you misplace.

No admin abuse (admins do not spawn end game items or C4 for PVP, all play the game without spawning themselves items for advantage)

Very few rigid/controlling rules to allow the server’s personality to fully flesh itself out.

Active anti-hack preparations.

No favoritism or reverse-favoritism in regards to admins advantaging and disadvantaging specific groups (every player, new or veteran, contributes to the life of the server; no-one is sidelined)

Optional participation in creative competitions and mini-games such as:

Deathmatch with Bows/Handcannons/Pipe Shotguns in a premade, balanced arena consisting of multiple wood, metal and grass areas.

Raid the Base (First person to kill the randomly chosen leader of the base gets a prize, or the base occupiers get a prize if they fend off the invaders).

Race (A race along a road with random chests lit up along the way containing weapons. First person to the finish line gets a prize)

As the server grows, your contributions via suggestions and your own impact on the server’s world will influence the server’s own direction and the ideas we see being brought to life in the next few weeks.