1 Cre Ture [INteractive]

Click this link before posting and listen to all the directions Kyle gives you.



I’m giving this a quick start, so Pick up the money.

[whoops, I accidentally deleted the wrong image when trying to update the other.]

Consume energy unit and hope for the best.



Remember Rule 3, post an action once in a while.

Run up, and shoot the combine point blank in the head


If you get arrested, it’s an instant Game Over.

Rule 3

run to the other room.

Am i the only one getting tired of all of these uninteresting interactives?

Are you THAT stupid to not appreciate the epic stories these interactives give? Not to troll, but you should appreciate the stories once in a while.



Well, everyone knows Interactive Comics that have a story are never interesting, creators always give up before the story is revealed and no.
You haven’t showed anything about the story yet… really.
Do Interactive comics more like “No More Milk”.


Hide in the bathroom anyways…


I’ll wait 4 more screenshots.

How interesting could a story featuring a yellow lucario possibly get?

It’s about stealth, survival, and getting the hell out of there.



Ya, if i were a lone furry i’d wanna gtfo without being noticed too… Oh snap, eat the sandvich. +400 hp

Updating once I get there



You also ate the sandvich, took the Dr.Breen, and took the pump shotgun before you left.

Third death

Go check it out this person in the darkness bothering the hell out of everyone.

Why is Kyle a furfag?