#1 Darktide Server Open Now! - [US-West-DDoS] !$50+ in Giveaways Grand Opening! (3-1) Cheatpunch, .5 Craft, Sleepers, Oxide, Door Share,Active Admins !NO abuse!,rare wipes

Darktide OPEN NOW

Welcome the new Darktide Rust server open tonight (3/1)!


Sole purpose of NO Admin abuse and instant banning of hackers.
To be accountable: feel free to connect with me on Steam for any issues - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mack211/

Over $50 in Steam Games and DLC giveaways for opening day active players!

RUST server: [US-West] (Fresh March 1st) CheatPunch | .5 Craft | Sleepers | Oxide | Door Share | Active Admins !NO abuse! | Rare wipes | Airdrops | PvP

To join, you can open your console on the menu by pressing ‘F1’ and typing or pasting in:

Server Features:
-Hosted in LA
-Keeping server to 50 players or less to keep a tighter community can increase if needed.
-!! DDoS Protection !!
-50% Reduced Crafting time
-Air Drops
-Private Messaging
-/who (player count)
-Chat History
-Mature and active admins
-Zero admin abuse
-All welcome

Server Rules:
-No hacking/cheating or using exploits of any kind. You will be caught and punished swiftly. [Bannable Offense]
-Steam profile must be set to public.
-No special or weird character in names.
-No impersonating other players.
-No impersonating admins. [Bannable Offense]
-No placing barricades on pillars. [Bannable Offense]
-No unraidable suicide bases, the floating ones that you suicide to get back into.

Server Up and running strong!

Giveaways starting soon - Log in for a fresh server experience!

Bump up for more people to join early game action.

Next 4 players and we have another drawing for a Steam game.

CS Go - was first giveaway. Next one in 45min!

Insurgency - Second giveaway. Next one at at 11pm PST

Thanks for those that donated the steam games for the giveaway. Many more giveaways to come tonight and throughout the week.

Great early game - No Zergs all players are going 1v1 FFA! Fun times so far!

Late night crew - Come join a Fresh new server! Steam giveaways throughout the night.

Bump for an awesome PVP server! Great turnout tonight!

Bump to keep the giveaway’s rolling!

Building the morning/day player base. Come join the early game fun! Brand new server zerg free!!

Giveaways starting soon at 10 players than 15.

Brand new server - come join the community for some PVP non-zerg fun.

Evening crew logging on.

Giveaways starting at prime time!

Giveaways at 15!

20-22 players currently. Come join!

Great time so far - feel free to friend me on steam for updates.

20+ active players. Servers just wiped night of 3/1.

Great place for small groups!! everyone is either solo or in a group of 2. No Zergs!

All new players welcome! Steam giveaways at peak tonight

Server pop going up - Thanks for the steam game donations. will be giving more out tonight

Looking for solo and small group players to join - message me on steam for questions

over our peak from last night. Lots of solid legit players. All 1 or 2 mans running around. No zergs - crazy fun!