1 Hour 'Til Hammer Down

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27247686/Hammer Down resize.jpg

What’s Hammer Down? Does it have any relation to Hammer time?

It’s the more hardcore version of Hammer Time. It involves lots of bombs and artillery.

Hammer down protocol, basically there s a move called Cloverfield and it was the last effort to destroy the Clover monster and the parasites it deploys by dropping MOABS thus resulting in the destruction of Manhattan. Dunno if t’s a real protocol since t’s classified or something.

muzzleflash is great, explosion is bad

Good stuff, mate. Well done.

Awesome, i love the posing and editing. Have a winner.

Wonderful as always.

The entire time I was adding the explosion a voice at the back of my mind kept telling me, “Get Joazzz to edit that. Get Joazzz to edit that.”

been a long time since I’ve seen that model.
Them suckers were hard as hell for me to pose whenever I used to try.
Good work mate.

The roar sounds like my stomach when im hungry.

Muzzle flash is a little too red in my opinion, they tend to be a very bright color. Otherwise great.

Also, your lighting is sexy as fuck.

I can hear the screech coming from the monsters, well done on the posing!

Really well done here. Don’t know what else to say.



I think what Hammer down is based off of is Broken Arrow order.