1 Million Strong - Thank You!

What an awesome journey this has been. When I first set out to build this project, I had no idea it would get to the level of popularity and overall usage it has.

We have you guys to thank for the success, feedback and opportunity. You are awesome.

How we plan to celebrate:
We’ve sponsored a youtuber to do a big rust stream today. Not sure when the stream will be (timewise), still trying to finalize those details. We want to celebrate this victory.

And we’d also like to continue celebrations all week. So if you do stream rust and want us to funnel people your way throughout the week, we’ll feature you on the front page as a thanks for helping us celebrate, starting tomorrow.

1,000,000 views is something not many can say their site attains (especially within less than a 2 month period of time). We’ve kept a 50% overall retention and still get 50% new visitors each and everyday.

This is also going to serve as our new home for updates to the site in general. It’s a huge milestone so expect this thread to continue to grow as we post updates to the site, happenings, etc. This will be that place.

Thanks again. Plenty more to come!

If you have no idea what this is about, you can see our project here: http://toprustservers.com

Cool to watch this project grow

keep us updated

awesome! hope we see more in the future :slight_smile:

Congrats guys ! I look forward to more updates.

Maybe get some cool graphs? Maybe Player tracking ?

Thanks guys!!! :slight_smile:

Maybe player count over a period of time? That kinda graph? Player tracking isn’t possible, because we have no way to see the players, that’s a locked feature (it just shows us hidden).

At first, from the mention of 1 million, I thought you were referring to the 1 million copies of Rust sold, and I was like, wait, why are you taking credit for that? :v:

Nice job, jwerd.

Wow, I could totally see how that could be taken now. Not my intention at all!

Thanks, Elix! Really cool to see the mods showing support, too. Glad to be apart of this great community. :slight_smile:

Uh, I hope you don’t think I’m a mod. Because I’m not. Never have been.

Great game. I appreciate the community

Argh. My apologies for that misunderstanding. Thanks nonetheless!

You did a great job on the website! Congrats on the 1 million!

Buen trabajo, senor jwerd!

hey guys, I’m in the chat on the stream we sponsored if you want to say hello!

Thanks to Mystic/Keem for hosting!

muchas gracias, senor pickle :slight_smile:

Stream still going guys! And I’m still in chat!

**Update: ** After many requests, we’ve added the ability to disable comments on your server listings. It’s all or nothing. To set this up for your server listing Edit Server Details Page > Disable comments

We hope most people will not disable comments, as this is an important feature of the site. But we do understand how frustrating it is when a bunch of people come and destroy the purpose of the comment section with spam, abuse, etc.

allright :slight_smile: is there some alternative to discus?
i dont like discus at all. would love to see something new if possible

it’s possible to roll something custom, but that takes time… if anybody has other solutions besides disqus, i’m all ears. disqus is just what we know. :slight_smile:

Well congrats but this whole thread is just one big advertisement and I do not like that.

You know what could help, a report button. I have had trouble with people who use my banner a lot, but all of the times it was easily solved. Now I got someone who also copied most of my text. I left a comment about it, but it seems they are able to close comments alltogether.