1 month after first infection...

Bill said “they’re changing” :

(click for full-screen.)

Wtf is that thing…

Nice posing, but seriously… wtf is that thing?

It’s a Whatthefuckitipus.

That there be strange.

Rated informative.

its the boomer’s father

HOLY SHIT it’s got a gross vagina…

That thing is… is…

What the fuck is that and why the fuck aren’t they shooting?

Louis: Click Click Click Click

Looks like something from silent hill

It reminded me of William Shatner’s line of, “Sir, there’s some… thing… on the wing…”

My god that monster is disgusting.


Is that my mother?

Rated Useful.

Lol, it looks like it’s got some organic form of “GLADoS balls” in its head. Connections maybe?

pretty good changing

you must be a sick bastard to think that that piece of shit has a vagina

That’s probably because it is :v:
It’s from SH3