"1 o'clock, 2 Story building, Sniper!"


More colour, less brown. Even the shittiest of dust-ridden desert shitholes has colour. It doesn’t look realistic nor particularly stylised, it just looks bland. Posing is good, though.

Jelly legs! xD

optimistic is now the GENERIC rating ok guys?

Maybe a box will suit more, eh?


Wait, what “1 o’clock, 2 Story building, Sniper!” ? I seriously don’t get the “2 Story building” part.

He’s making a reference that the sniper is in the 2-storey building across from them and not in a church tower five miles away (but still at 1 o’clock).

This is why we put references in target indications. Forgetting this important step can have either hilarious or heartbreaking consequences, depending on if it’s an exercise or not.

can you please stop

only if you stop making generic brown poses

dont see this after all
if you dont like it



He was asking why they’d say 2-storey building, and I was explaining that it’s to avoid confusion. Just saying “1 o’clock” could mean any number of things in that general direction.

It feels very unfriendly to say the truth, also why don’t you try something else ? The idea of war picture makes me depressed, just work out with your mind you’ll figure out something realy good.

Nice 0

models link ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Part of me wanted to see the TF2 Sniper in the background.