1 person with high ping makes everything lag

I have a darkrp server, hosted locally
but when someone have ping >200, server lags like hell (and other peoples ping becomes higher)

For now i’m using this script:

rcon lua_run for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do if 1 then print(v:Ping()..[[ ]]..v:Nick()) if v:Ping() > 170 then v:Kick([[ping>170, sorry]]) end end end

is there a way to prevent these lags without kicking people?

A person with a large ping shouldn’t affect other peoples ping’s as it just the time it takes to send data to that client and for it to get a response.

Is it any person with a large ping or just a certain one?

-Edit- What is the network speed you are hosting on?

I know, but that’s a fact. anyone with high ping = epic lags for everyone (me too)
-added- i am connected directly, so that’s not just network lags

any. 200-300 -some lags, >400 - unplayable

20 mb/s, -added- 22 players max, lags even with 10-15 players

I’m guessing 20mb is your download not upload, as that would limit the max players to 10-15

Shepsie, thanks for your response, however, that’s not network-related propblem
My torrent client’s max upload (and download) speed is about 2.5 MBytes/s (~20 mbit/s)
And it lags even for me, connected to localhost

I knew one server with same problem, but that server was gone more than 6 months ago

It be more packet loss than anything(quality of connection)
I should suggest doing a few stress tests like pingtest and speedtest, make sure their consistent. If not then complain to your ISP.

Besides any one with a high ping doesn’t lag other players, that’s physically impossible.
Unless their port spamming you with high chunks of data(unlikely scenario)

Source engine makes sure one lagging player doesn’t affect the game itself, what you are talking is bogus and is probably just a hardware issue.

That was no high-ping players for 10 hours…
When it happens again, i will try to check for isp-related problems. i will also try to change some variables from lag compensation article.

Thanks for ideas.