#1 Problem In Rust IMO

When i heard about procedural maps being announced for rust i knew it would be a make or brake move. i feel that procedural maps have seriously ruined rust. If Garry and his team created a few new maps in advance, they could release a new one every 4-5 weeks. This would keep the game fresh and this way they can still implement towns and roads. I find that on New Rust on a 60 player server your lucky to find someone every 10 minutes ( btw ive played over 500 hours im no noob.) This is because there is no roads , towns etc and everyone is just wanderin around in circles doing the same as everyone else looking for people. The best thing about legacy rust was havin your group of friends or clan members setting up in an area near a town for example and trying to make that town yours. It was a challenege. Created rivalries with other teams. I dont feel this can be achieved in the new version in rust and many people that i talk to on servers about this agree.

Whats your thoughts?

I kind of agree, we have to hope that there is going to be roads and towns or large monuments with loot around in later updates. I haven’t played in 4 months, i am waiting for it to be slightly more optimized and finished.

I think you’re impatient and should make the town yourself. The devs are looking at having roads be dynamically generated by player foot traffic. In other words, if people walk back and forth between two places, the server would gradually start to draw in a footpath and then a road between those two places.

Learn to leave legacy behind; it was a prototype that captured maybe 10% of the devs’ vision.

cheers for that , didnt know that was the plan.
everyone to their own opinion i guess.