1 Step forward, 2 Steps back.

Well they’ve finally removed an irritating stutter when moving into new terrain which is fantastic, but in its place they’ve added CRIPPLING fps drops, why they thought this would be a good idea I don’t know. The way terrain loads in now it also means a good hearty drop of 20-30 fps on most machines. I was running it on max at 60fps now I run it on 20fps. It seems with each update its one step forward and two steps back. Whatever you have attempted to do Facepunch, it doesn’t work. Please try to give the game a WORKING update so I can play Rust again.

Nvidia980 ti 4gb

8gb Ram

3.9ghz AMD

gtx 970
8gb Ram
same exact issue

problem is the AMD cpu…
this game runs like crap on AMD cpus…
i switched mine to intel… preety much same performance cpu for everything else… but rust runs at 4x the FPS.

I have G3258 on 4,7ghz, 8gb ram GTX 970 and i have to drop my settings a lot to get smooth gaming + while i zoom with gun I get a great fps drop to 15 first then to 30, very sad :stuck_out_tongue:

dude - OP has a Nvidia GPU. So do I. Same problem.

Well i got the same issue with rust. My setup:

3x gtx 980 sli
32 gig ram
intel i7-5960x @ 3.00ghz

and your rig isn’t exactly lacking for power…

and im refering to CPU…
game runs like 90% on CPU… so if you have a AMD cpu you are running with disadvantage.

also threre is a lot of kids here claiming they have NASA rigs with low fps… this is just not true.

A 4th gen i7 with a gtx970 or similar should give you around 80-90 fps near buildings( before last patch)
after last patch fps dropped to 40 constant and it drops like a rock(5-10) for no reason every moment…

What are you trying to say? That people are lying about there fps drops?

no… the fps drop is real

they just lying about their setups and real numbers… because… don’t know… kids this days.

buy a better computer

I don’t think a few fps drops are worth buying a new PC. I run Rust like shit on my mid-to-high-end laptop (not especially meant for gaming) (8GB RAM, GT-740M, I7-4700MQ @2,4GHz), but I’d rather wait for optimization to be better than spending a shitton of money to buy a gaming PC. With Nvidia custom optimizations, I get a stable 40fps on low settings. Not the smoothest or greatest looking game I have (I run BF4 on medium settings with 50fps and no drops), but I can still get 150m headshots with no struggle.
So, for the people who have fps drops, just lower your graphics. If I can run it pretty smoothly, so can you :wink:

One step forward, 2 steps back no body ever made it like that.

Rust is only using one of your GPUs as it doesn’t support SLI

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Ahh, what GPU??? No 980Ti on the market has only 4GB of VRAM, 980Ti’s have 6GB of VRAM, if you have 4GB, it’s probably a normal 980.

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I’d like to see you afford a rig better than that…

I’m currently getting about 70-90FPS maxed at 1080P on my laptop with a GTX 980m, not sure why the desktops are having an issue but it’s running amazing for me.

Intel i7 4710QM - 2.5-3.6gHz (normally runs 3.6 in Rust)
GTX 980M 4GB - OC’d
PCI-E SSD @ 1.2GB/s Read
Windows 8.1

Everything maxed graphics wise @ 1080P and 70-90 FPS 90% of the time, 50FPS in combat with a lot of shit going on.

Welcome to alpha. Re-read the above until you gain enlightenment.

Been getting same issue since last week or possibly before, didn’t play much two weeks ago.

Still getting rubberbanding stutters, but since one of the recent updates performance in general has plummeted for me. Previously my FPS was completely fine on high settings and the stutters were the only problem, but now I get a ton of FPS drops as well as more stutters. Tried turning the usual culprits down (View distance, object quality etc), but no dice, even when my game looks terrible I still get drops.

Got a GTX970, i5, 6gb RAM, 120gb SSD, W10.

My FPS is pretty abysmal as well. I am sure it’s just the game not being optimized. Going from graphics quality 3 to 4 drops fps by about 20. Cannot run the game anywhere near max setting without getting no more than 25fps.

i5 3570k
R9 Fury
16gb RAM
2,560 x 1,440

I have an i7 4770 + AMD R9 270 and I saw a huge fps increase this last update. I wasn’t able to run in DX11 mode for quite some time now. I had to force DX9 in low detail mode, then raise detail level up in game to get a good frame rate and good graphics quality. Nothing I did in DX11 made any difference and I would get sub-15 fps. Now I can run in DX11 at 1920 x 1200 full screen windowed mode at full detail and maintain at least a 40-60 fps rate most of the time.

But at times, I seem to have a mystery freeze / stutter - usually when opening inventory or containers where my fps will drop to under 10 for several seconds since the patch 2 weeks back.