1 Suvivor shoots some zombies while the other reloads.

Kay, Something I entered for a contest, COULDNT USE THE l4D SUVIVORS D:

(I know the blood and muzzleflash is strange.)

If you knew it looked strange, why didn’t you try to fix it?


I tried it by using brushes, didnt work… and I gave up. The muzzleflash, I had to use a tool to try get it on the gun so It doesnt look like if it is comming out of the barrel. The angle was incredibly hard to edit from

The blood seems to come out of the gun… :raise:

posing is good shame about the blood.

Blood looks like it is going to jump on those survivors. Posing is good but brush up with editing.

Really need to desaturate the blood more and darken it.

Blood looks like Wolfenstein 3d’s