#1 UK Gaming-PvP- Starter Kit|Airdrops|Sleepers|

Server :#1 UK Gaming-PvP- Starter Kit|Airdrops|Sleepers|
Address: net.connect
Sleepers : Enabled.
PvP : Enabled.
Starter Kit: 2x Supply Signals
Location : United Kingdom.

This server is for all kinds of players from Beginners to Advanced Rust Players and Clans.
I currently have two admins, no abuse from the admin side is guaranteed.
We try to provide a helpful experience for people starting out looking for others to play with.
The server offers PvP.Sleepers and Starter Kit which Consists of 2 Supply Signals , there is also a reduced craft time.
We currently don’t have a website to find out more information about but if you are interested in knowing anything just comment.

Just enter this:net.connect

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not three" - postal))