#1 - What's the worst thing to ever happen to you in GMod?

I lost over 200 advanced duplicator files of advanced contraptions that I made back when Garry’s Mod 11 existed.

I tried DarkRP.

i fired so many missiles at a planet in spacebuild that the server crashed and took my mostly unsaved ship with it

I started coding in gLUA.

Met someone named TIMMEH, i don’t know if this counts but yeah.

When have I ever played Gmod without something bad happening is the real question.

I tried HL2RP.

And played for over a year.

When I thought it was cool, I spent 300+ hours on JailBreak.

I lost all my adv. dupes when transitioning to gmod 13 (For some reason I thought it would be a good fucking idea to wipe my Garrysmod folder without backing anything up).

I’ve also had my PC crash a few times from doing dopey shit with LUA/some other crap. Not fun when what you think is just a temporary freeze turns into a full crash. Especially annoying since restarts make 95% of my workshop addons decided not to load until I restart (gmod)/resubscribe (to certain addons) several times.

Being here for the creation of Coderhire/Scriptfodder.

My worst experience all around? Watching the fish market collapse on Fearless and then becoming one of the few who had witnessed stut torture being conducted in such a way where the players who did it wouldn’t be banned. It was a horrid example to the willingness of people to do horrid shit to each other over a fucking game.

not like you made it any better by making the hall of autism which fuels the dumb ch/sf drama.

I deleted all my E2 chips when I deleted and reinstalled GMOD because sprays weren’t working.

you’re someone who ddoses servers and communities so you know

The Gmod 13 update.

The evil big server men.
Bad jokes aside,
Probably the influx of new “players” into gmod because of youtube.
It’s really dissapointing to see people demanding the use of the normal duplicator to show off something rather basic from workshop.

When falco deleted my name and the other DarkRP developers from the credits on the scoreboard and replaced it with “et al.”

Just kidding. That’s only the second-worst infraction.

The worst is RELIABLE SNAPSHOT OVERFLOW… which thankfully was mitigated a while back…

I viewed the “new” server list.

What do you mean.

The normal server browser opposed to the Legacy browser (which imagine that has more features)