10 19|Vanilla Ice US/EU|Air@50|AntiHack|NoGrief|ActiveAdmns|0Dura


DDOS Protection
Dedicated Core
AntiCheat tools

Currently Rank 13 on game tracker. Help us stay top ranked!
Battle Field US ( top 10 battle field server) has went vanilla.
We were tired of all the battlefield servers that exist now.
Most of them are laggy and unplayable.
Come join a competitive, nice running, and fresh new server on a good host with active admins and great people.

Check out our community site, and join up!


We promote building good groups of people that want to raid and kill, or just being friendly if that is your thing.

We are running anti cheat, and we try and catch all hackers with alot of detection tools in place.

Trying to add players with skill.
Create a team, and dominate the map.
There are PVP contests with prizes, and daily drops.
We are trying to build our population, and are hoping you can help us out.
Come by and check it out. We have plenty of friendly admins.

So try it out by IP @ net.connect,

Thank you for looking!