10/2 patch -- can't place sleeping bag in my house

I can’t place a sleeping bag in my house and keep getting this error – Can’t Place: Failed Check:IsinArea Sleeping-bag_leather_deployed sockets/free/inside

Anyone else getting this error?

update: happening now to other players in our server. I can’t place sleeping bag on any foundations and can only place one on the ground. Can’t place on rocks either. I know a tweet came out that said this was fixed earlier today but it doesn’t seem to be fixed on our server and not sure what’s going on. It’s late evening here on the west coast U.S. on 10/2. We also tested on other servers – same issue.

i am having the exact same issue, http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=528677003 ingame proof that it is not working for me either, started happening after the second little Micro Update to the game.

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It would seem this occurred a year ago, and has come to plague rust again.

I can confirm on Texas, it’s now 10/3 here (4:23am) and I still can’t place a sleeping bag in my base.


It says " fixed ". Server updated ?

yes our server has all the updates. I’m checking this morning 10/3 to see if it’s still an issue.

update 10/3 – we still are not able to place sleeping bags or beds on foundations and getting the error message.