10 mins to load the game everytime????

does this happen to anyone else cause its really starting to get fucking annoying

Everytime there is an update it will take a bit longer(2mins), after that said update the next time you open the game it will be much faster(15 sec).

well this is the THIRD fucking time ive joined the aussie server and ALL 3 TIMES it took 10 MINUTES

you might have a bad computer then since this game is taking insane amounts of memory(it’s on browser so yeah), if it’s not the case, load the game, close it, reload it again, after 4-5 times it should be almost instant.

I only takes me 2 mins

Computer specs?

Oh also think there are still ddos attacks going on, and while they might not be directed at your server specifically would guess they still cause issues across all servers?

He probably loaded the game twice or something, every time you get to the 4th or 5th time, it goes uber fast from then.

Whenever I close the browser and reload it takes forever.

Yeah, everytime the server crashes or “restarts” I gotta redownload all the bundles. Second person on my IP doesn’t though.

Increase your Cache limit. If you’re using Firefox then Firefox (Top Right) -> Options -> Advance -> Network -> Tick Override Automatic Cache Management -> Increase the amount of cache.

I had this issue myself that because my Cache was full it would continuously download the game every time. Changing this fixed the problem for me, so chances are your cache is full and its not storing so every time you close it’ll have to re-download.