10 Slot Private Server Looking for Community


I am currently paying for a ten slot private server and I am having trouble getting it populated. I would like to offer it to a small clan or community that would make use of it.

Server Information:

The server is in Dallas, Texas.

IP Address: Port: 27016

I currently have the following installed:

-Phoenix Model Pack SVN
-Advanced Duplicator SVN
-Wire SVN
-Anti-Noclip Stool
-Buoyancy Tool
-Conna’s Tool Pack
-Counter-Strike Models
-Day-of-defeat Models
-Door Tool
-Half Life 2 Episode 2 Models
-Laser Tool 2.0
-Team Fortress 2 Models
-Unbreakable Tool

If your clan or community is interested please send me a private message. Thanks!

I’m sorry but who needs a private server?

Some big clans like to have a locked secondary server for donators/admins to use when the other is full or there are to many annoying people :stuck_out_tongue:

I am pretty sure those “big clans” can afford 3 euros or so for a private 10-slotter.

Just use it with your friends. Host some events or something.

Personally I would just stop paying for it :confused:
And well, big communities use donations to pay for their servers. I’m not really sure others would like to donate money for the admins to get a private server :smiley:
Ofc, the ones who donate get access to the server. Hmmm.

Besides I’m sure those “big clans” has a dedi, so they can just host a ten-slotter if they want.