10 things that would be cool for rust

  1. Anti raiding tools like tripwires caltrops barbed wire ect
  2. A crossbow WITH USABLE SIGHTS
  3. A cheaper less accurate and less damage ak47 / other older assault rifle
  4. A select fire attachment for automatics
  5. Less clunky feeling pvp
  6. A MAC10 / AUtO pistol but it would be more of a spray and pray type gun
  7. A scope for the bolt action rifle
  9. A sawn off shotgun
  10. A in game map with location markers

Hello, I have an idea for another NPC, I’ve heard that the zombies will be removed and that they will become some kind of mutants. I think it would be cool if the mutants will look like naked new players who just entered the server and that someone from far away will think that it is a new player but that it is actually a strong mutant. this helps for the people who kill noobs without giving them a chance. The mutants will be strong so that even people with good stuff need to be carefull when they see a naked guy. The mutants need to be rare.

How about we don’t make this a COD?

My top 10

  1. Ingame Map
  2. Gliders
  3. grappling hook
  4. Bridges
  5. survivor camps/trading posts/no pvp zone
  6. traps
  7. walkie talkies/transceiver
  8. skill system
  9. electricity
  10. barrow/wagon+horse

A map IG? Sounds like it’s getting easyer then it already is…

Sawn off shotgun? People are already crying that the m4 is OP.

Traps would be awesome.

A lot of people said this already over lots of threads, but let me explain to you why a skill system would be nice and how it works. In Nether, everytime you kill an npc or a person, you get xp and every time you get enough you level up and get 1 attribute point which you use for things to upgrade your melee combat, gun accuracy, jump height, and even to let you take less fall damage. Nether is multiplayer and I feel that a skill system should be added in much like Nether’s skill system.

the reason people are crying is they are bad at the game not because that weapon is op

I play nether too and i realy like the skillsystem in there
but i think it wouldnt work in here because rust is a loot different
It would just make the strong stronger and the weak weaker

Yes because getting Sniped from 1,000ft with an M4 is because were bad at the game. HAHAH…

I like to see some kind of water system to refine water into clean drinking water with some kind of pump device.
also I supporting the idea of trip wires and maybe some cheap vietcong style traps to keep the looters away.
I just played Rust for the first time today and i noticed that the current system makes the stronger player only stronger and the weaker, weaker. but it’s survival of the fittest off course.
never the less, it’s a very fresh game. keep on developing!

Bad at the game or the fact that the M4 does not match the play style of the game at all? The point of them replacing all these weapons with the rustic weapons is to remove the assault rifles so they are not so powerful. So how about you don’t ask for more assault rifles when they are planning on removing them…

traps why not

a IG map?NO! there are enough easy game with maps and radars. What you ask is an new COD, I am personnaly bored by all these gadget. It is survival game, i like to be lost sometimes, to be surprised by the night with 1000 ore in my backpak and thinking : “OMG, i am lost in the night with all my stuff, where is my house?”

What you ask is a lot of weapons who kill at distance, too raid quick houses etc… You just forget it is not npc houses… When you satay alone with your map IG, your PVP gunners friends and no more big houses and no more crafters, you just get a FPS, not Rust.

More firearms why not but scope : NO! Dont forget there are lone wolf who craft nothing and there are people who build and change the map… Scope is just giving easy kill too guys who just turn round and round to get airdrop and raid the houses. You scope the builder and you kill him at 100m… But when all the builders leave the game? No more houses to raid for the lone wolves.

Remove all guns and just keep basic bow, hand cannon, spear, etc.


Are good and expect that in the final version.

All except the no pvp zone, I think this is a great list.

For people crying about NO IG Map… my answer to you is Minecraft’s map in this game would be great. Hard to make for noobs, and you have to have it out to have everything show up on the map. Also it only does a part of the land. Also changes as the map changes with player creations and what not.

Gliders aren’t as needed Maybe a zipline would be more of this game, unless large NPC buildings are made.

Bridges, already in development, its in the Trello Art

Survivor camps would be AWESOME, I think PvP should be enabled but guards that are OP to 1 Person but not to a group. (Mods for clans/factions can come out and you can take the cities over maybe…)

Traps… Being worked on

Walkie Talkie system… Intresting

Skill system… not for this game

Electricity… coming… eventually

Wagon’s and horses… YES!!!

Giant Mutant Chickens… ONLY if I can fight it with my bare fists :slight_smile:

I read somewhere there will maybe a skill system where you gain points be doing stuff (crafting, gathering…) and lose points when you die.

(opend link and right click and save the pic)

Would like to get into a treangel foundation in RUST so you can build a little more shaped houses / buildings than Square houses
Look what i mean in the Picture i made on paint

I like crossbow and select fire for sure. Um I feel the PVP is butter smooth myself. Barbwire that may come… but I guess that would be like the upgrade of spike walls.