10 things to SUM up this RUST Forum on Facepunch.

Well I’m not sure about you guys but us common folk that read the forums daily tend to see trends. Let me go over some of the more common questions you can search for on these forums that HAVE been asked already. Why would i repeat? Well it’s to give new players an idea of what has already been done on this forum. Why repeat the questions and get banned. Who knows They might even think this thread is a repeat of these 5 and I might get banned for 3 days. (here’s to taking my chances they see value in this thread).

SO onto the meat and potatoes. The common Comments / Questions and topics all about rust from these forums.

1.) Hackers: *To Many Hackers! My life was ruined by hackers. Hackers took all my stuff. Hackers Killed me. Hackers are everywhere what are we going to do? *
- There are so many people Making threads on hackers. Feel free to Browse around and look at alllll the threads on this issue.
2.) Abusive Admins (and or) Bad Servers who wronged them: *These Admins killed me! Admins took all my stuff. My life was ruined by abusive admins after i spent so much time on their server! Darn that server! BEWARE Admins are abusive and servers are bad!!! *
- Look we all know a bunch of servers. we all have the same concerns about playing somewhere fair and legit. This game is full of “modded” servers run by kids or “adults” who like to ruin it for everyone while having fun for themselves. Just know there are over a thousand servers out there and you have to keep looking around to find one that you can play on and have fun on. ANYONE can own a server and therefore can do what they want on it. This isn’t a new concept and has been around on hundreds yet thousands of games before this one.
3.)VAC/Cheatpunch: I’ve been BANNED! Why!?? How!?? I wasn’t doing anything!! Can someone take a look and see why yesterday i could play but today i can’t!?? OMG I hate People that Cheat… But why am i banned?
- Ok, so you’ve been banned and you think coming to the forums is a great place to show your frustration. Or find answers? The real answer is no. It only gives amusement for us reading the forums to know that people are constantly getting banned. IF you want to protest your BAN, please do it through the proper channels. Both VAC and Cheatpunch are separate and you will need to contact them separately via proper channels. Here is a thread for CHEATPUNCH : http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1362475 and a help page for VAC: VAC HELP CLICK HERE
4.)Server Spam: *Come check out my server it just started and were looking for new members! blah blah blah. or … Tired of cheaters?! Come to our server we have admins who are on all the time to ban cheaters! you’ll love it! or Looking for a server that is PVP only? or PVE only?! Check out our servers!! *
- Look We get it, you want to promote your server. You want people to join. But the MAIN Rust forum section is NOT the place for that. There are “sub forums” that you can look into. They are near the top under the title of the forum. Just click on the Sub Forums and post your spam in there so that none of us hast to read it when we don’t want to look for a server. Ok? Cool! Thanks! <3 Here is a Link for Server advertisements! Check it out! http://facepunch.com/forums/417
5.) What this game needs!: I have a idea what would be great for this game! What do you think this game needs? What do you want to see in the future of Rust?! What this game should ADD in the future!
- While we all want to offer suggestions and see what other people have thought up and offer our “opinions” of what this game could do to be successful there are 2 problems. 1. there is a subforum for this type of threads. please us it! it’s called “RUST SUGGESTIONS”. and 2. Gary and his team already have a “future” idea where this game THEY are making will go and won’t deviate. However they are up for suggestions to help guide them and There’s been 1000 threads on this already just do a little searching and you won’t need to ask the question again and get banned. Again, Stop putting your “suggestions” on the main thread page because it’s not the place for it. But thank you for trying to offer insight to improve the game. Here is a link for suggestions! http://facepunch.com/forums/420

6,7,8,9,10 are saved for people to add things :slight_smile:
Are there other major ones that I’m forgetting?! Let me know i’m open for editing this lol.

Maybe edit your post and add links to some of the more permanent threads? Like a link to the hacker thread and one for the cheatpunch thread and whatnot?

Good idea, Give me a few minutes i’ll try to finish that thank you Sievers.

“2. Gary and his team already have a “future” idea where this game THEY are making will go and won’t deviate.”

But but but… Dinosaurzzzzzz

Requests for Character Customization/Female Characters

Customization and Female characters are supposedly planned to be added at some point. Many people have suggested all manner of character customization. Many more people have stated how either they or some female acquaintance that may not actually exist would love Rust more if you could be a woman. Again, both are planned, ever think they’d like to flesh the game out a bit more and maybe make it more stable before adding stuff that isn’t essential?

garry has said that the purpose of that poll was not to seriously entertain the idea of adding dinosaurs or military into the game (i.e. FP has not been making dinosaur models hoping we’ll agree with them), but to feel out the community’s opinion on a different idea. He didn’t say what that idea was.

I suspect it’s the fluffy chickens and other mutants, but I don’t know.

Actually I suspect it was to assure him and his team that they don’t want zombies in it. They got a really low vote so i’m sure they were re-assuring themselves it was a good move to remove the zombies because no one wanted them in the vote.

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Not that this isn’t a great idea or suggestion… but it is what it is… a suggestion which i’ve covered. But thank you :slight_smile:

(my favorit)
6. Its only Alpha.

Could be.

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That’s usually the answer to something else on this list.

Yeah i’ll agree with Exlixwhitetail. This is normally an answer to a issue or problem. Not normally a starting topic for threads.

**6.) “Elite” Players showing off: **Look at me killing this freshspawn with only M4! My name is not DangerOnPc, I am DangerMan1, who is a totally different person. If you missed this thread, I’ll reopen a new one every day :slight_smile: