10 years ago, Garry's Mod was released on Steam

I feel old now… Anyway, discussion thread?

What has this game become.

I had the fortune to, despite having only gotten gmod in 2011ish, experience the tail end of the golden era of gmod (end being end of g12ish, just before the 'tube plague came) and all I can say is how the game has changed. I remember prior to even knowing what gmod was watching YTPs and videos like War Of The Servers and simply thinking “this is incredible”. The feeling of driving rocket jeeps for the first time was something magical.

I remember WOTS! I thought that was the coolest thing in the world when I first saw it.

I miss the older Derma too, the darker colored one. It looked a lot more like plastic, if that’s the right idea. So much better stuff.

I wish xfire was still around. It had all my screenshots from gmod9. Lots of trebuchets and really terrible walkers and thruster planes because it’s all I knew how to make.

I was 10 when it first released.
So many good memories of me and my friends from middle-school doing crazy things in Gmod 9.
I haven’t played Gmod in a very long time, though. :frowning:

I feel it’s an appropriate time to share this video again.

I came too gmod very late, just played it for about 1 year
And when I dig down to the great era of it
I feel so regret not discover about it sooner
All left now is still a good game
But full of trash players

Garry’s Mod was great, I first played it in 2009 and somewhere around 2012 I found out about OpenAura HL2RP and loved it. I miss it a lot sometimes because a lot of players in general were more mature than they are now. However at one point you just have to grow up and start getting a life, why should an adult still worry about server drama that isn’t even about a real issue?

I miss the old construct, but also like the new one. Anybody remember the secret room that had credits and that weird grey texture?


you feel old… but your account is only from 2015 XD.
also pretty sure it was released 11 years ago… atleast as a mod anyways, I guess it did take a year to come onto steam.



Kind of sad this even needed to be pointed out to you. I’m sure you could have used a little imagination to come to the realization that a facepunch account has no direct correlation with how long someone has been playing gmod.

Looking at your profile as well, you started playing only a month before him, and don’t even play this game anymore. He has 15k hours vs your 270.

m8, that I even have to point out that steam didn’t used to track time for your games, and garry’s mod didn’t used to have achievements, because I’ve played gmod since it’s v3.0 release and within a month of the paid release(and before steam there was WON, I’m an OG half-life player all the way). but naaah, facepunch accounts mean everything.

also anyone with that amount of time is idling time for sure.

I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod since looong before I’ve even had this account. That was actually the day I bought this account if you check. When I finish this CS game.

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Screenshot of my old account; still not my first:


You can probably tell it’s me because I was at least 8, so it has my edgy looking first name as my Steam name. I actually thought that was the reason my account got hacked so long ago lol.

pfff suuuuure. there’s no reason to ever get a new account considering you can change the name any time/etc.

You’d be surprised how many people tend to create new accounts, i did

I had to create a new account because I’ve lost passwords for both steam account and associated email account. :v:

I had this account made because my account was hijacked and I didn’t know how to get it back at the time, I was literally 8. I don’t have enough proof (For Valve, anyway) that I own the account, so they’re not likely going to give it back to me.

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