100 Cotton and Dgigs Hoverbike

Dgig made a body and I made it fly. Goes 400+ MPH and has sounds and such.


I don’t know why speedo didn’t show in last 2 pics but w/e. I works and stuff. I may make a video later, just busy atm.

I think it’s pretty good.


Very nice

should’ve had glass material on the windshield though

Thats a big seat, is it for fat people that want to go really fast? I like how you did the brake levers.

pretty cool. Does it lean into its turns?

Dgig did all the looks so complain to him about those lol.

It does lean in turns tho it’s kinda shitty, I may improve it later. I’ll try to get a vid this weekend.

Its so Gabe Newell can ride it.

Cool :smiley: can’t wait to see vid.

very cool but imo i think the front should be more elongated and streamline (kind of like a chopper)
i think it’d look a lot better with a front like the star wars speeder bikes


just an opinion

I see a little gcombat gun on the front(I think?), what is it?

Haven’t seen a hovering vehicle here for a long time, great work.

Pimpin ride yo.

A video is a must. Not just some 1 shot video, but something epic. Do this hover bike great justice by doing some epic shots, a little editing, and some epic music!!!

Umm yeah, I’m not that good of a movie maker lol. We’ll see though.

The difference between some dull video and something epic is the approach. Sometimes you will have to use the cinematic camera tool, some times you’ll have to build a quick contraption that does what you want, but ultimately, just get about 20 to 30 mins of video and then condense it down to 5 mins of awesome. Even something as simple as windows movie maker will do what you need. That’s what I’ve been using lately…

Woa, I like it, kinda reminds me of Karbine’s old hovercar from '07.

Woot, 1000th post.

No it doesn’t. A physics prop simply can’t go that fast.

On the other hand, :flashfap:

Well done.

E: Hurr. :downs:

Yes it can with this mod. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=585848

by the way - Why would he want to make it more like the Star Wars speederbike? The design is unique and because of that, the bike is cooler.

nice work.

My opinion: he should make a star wars speeder bike.