100 Cotton and dgigs multi-purpose turret

Dgigs and I have been playing around for awhile now and we decided to make a turret. I did all the wiring and he made it look sexy.

Has a main tank-like gun thingy, machine gun, and missile launcher. Mouse aimed using applyforce. :smiley:


I guess I can make a video if everyone ‘requires’ one.

Looks nice. Would be fun to fuck with people on spacewar servers with that.

oh shit, BBS has a new map? i really want it

looks so sexy rubs body ohhh ohhhyeaah!

yea its fully mouse controlled its extremely accurate and very, very sexy!

What is this BBS, and whats that map? It looks awesome.

Dat Map…

I require a video!

I require a map!

I thought Josphish released this version here a long time ago. I just use it on my server because its an awesome map and bbs is like dead now :frowning: Come to my server “Revo-D” or the other semi-replacing-bbs server “Small Time Build” if you want the map, we both have it.

Looks decent, I like it.

oh oh oh! can you please explain how you got the mouse aiming to work? ive really wanted to make mouse aimed turrets but i have no idea how to write expressions

@persist Gyro:angle

Plate = entity():isWeldedTo()
Me = owner()

P = Plate:elevation(Me:aimPos())
Y = Plate:bearing(Me:aimPos())
R = Plate:angles():roll()

Gyro = -ang(P,Y,R)*1000

Plate:applyAngForce(Gyro + $Gyro*5)

Should be able to place it on a plate and it will point where you aim.

Wow no one noticed its release :geno: