100% CPU Usage while compiling; Computer turns off.

First time posting here so sorry if this has been answered before. So yeah, my computer turns off when the compiler gets to PortalFlow in around 7 or 8, this happens the most as the map gets bigger, there’s no warning or anything. I’m posting this because it’s been around 5 or 6 times I’ve tried and it just keeps on shutting down.

Ps, I have 8gb ram.

I’ve never heard of nor experienced a computer turning itself off because it detected a virus

What’s your CPU, temperatures while compiling, etc?

I kept on checking after the first time it crashed just to make sure that it wasn’t overheating and it always remained less than 34 celcius.

if you have a quad core add -threads 3 in expert mode to all compilers, -threads 1 if it’s a dual.

I’ve absolutely no idea why your computer would turn off unless the CPU was overheating, but leaving a core free is maybe a solution.

I would recommend compiling with Valve Batch Compile Tool, it doesn’t put load on CPU and will prevent your PC from shutting off given that the CPU load is the reason for it doing so.

That seems to have done it for me, thanks!

Alternatively if you use a version that may not be supported later by vbct, you can try compiling with -low.