100 level design ideas

I apologise if this has already been posted, but I’ve seen a bunch of people here with mapper’s block, and I thought this web page might give you guys some ideas - I know it gave me some :slight_smile:

Those pictures are quite inspiring.

good find.

Thank you.

If you do a library then you have to make sure to put the silencer on the gun, people might be trying to read.

I like these. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting them.

Thanks a lot. It’s a really usefull site, especially if you’re mapping for L4D/L4D2. I enjoyed reading this article http://www.worldofleveldesign.com/categories/wold-members-tutorials/nexusdog/l4d-campaign-design-why-less-is-more.php

Lol,i don’t think silencers work really.Doesn’t make it that much quieter.


Silencers don’t really make it as quiet as in games, it’s still decently loud.

Yeah, but when there’s a crowd of protesters yelling for some reason, you ain’t gonna hear a silenced gun from the president’s car, so secret service will think he’s still alive and carry on as usual.

So this is a website of 100 random places?

Yes, to inspire mappers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or murder attempts with Silenced guns.

Brilliant idea. I found some good ideas from it.

Not entirely relevant but if people are looking for ideas there’s some great interior inspiration to be found at mi casa es su casa.

Holy shit.

Wow, Useful, I’ve been browsing around these boards looking for some inspiration recently. And I’ve finally got it :smiley: Thanks

The issue I have with this article is: It’s oriented towards people learning hammer.

Both of these are valid points. However, I’m finding I have too many locations I want to touch on for a 2-3 map campaign. This leads me to cutting stuff and ending up with more ‘filler’ streets/gameplay (Think of all the unmemorable parts of L4D1/2 campaigns.)

Spelling mistake aside, it may be stunting your learning of hammer if you try to do a 5 map campaign as your first thing. But really, how many people are going to finish a map until they’ve atleast learned some hammer?

And isn’t part of the mapping process learning how to finish and link series? I don’t see how smaller projects would help with that. It’d be nice if they wrote another article with more valid reasons.