100+, Not getting into it much, what am I doing wrong?

I’ve got just over 100 hours now on Gmod, a lot of that is just LAN with my step brother and sometimes I go on servers with him, however I just don’t feel indulged enough. I know this is a game i CAN enjoy, I just don’t know how. What am I doing wrong? What’s the Hoo-Hah with this DarkRP? Is WireMod worth my time? Sorry for these n00b questions, just want to stop feeling like a newbie still after 100 hours. Thanks

I can’t remember what I put the rest of my hours into, but the first couple hundred hours of Garry’s Mod were spent on singleplayer messing around or on LAN roleplaying with my little sister on sandbox.

i put at least 800+ hours into ragdoll posing, the other 100 just fucking around.


1500hrs of server hosting/administrating/fun. 524hrs put into posing in Garry’s Mod.

I find it fun to start a server for just friends (via Hamachi), pop into a Skype call with them, and just screw around building stuff. Usually this descends to building tanks and/or other vehicles and such, but it can be good fun.

ALL of my friends that game, game on consoles :frowning: Thus me having no friends to play with.


2,364 hours on mostly all TTT. You just need to find something you like doing. Try all the gamemodes.

I got that feel too bro, but you should play what you like, last year summer i played spacebuild and you can play diffrent, so far i have played fretta, darkrp, perp, hl2rp , spacebuild and many more.
Do not play just one, but play many! Or find whatever you like best and get tired of it and move to another one.
(btw i got 1200 hrs)

Sounds good, Spacebuild sounds rather appetizing!

4000+ hours, administarting a lot of servers, TTT’ing, fucking around (Usually building planes), and a lot of coding.

I’ve put probably 1000+ hours into Wiremod and Expression 2 before I started a community, then 2000+ hours administrating.

1000 hours of building with or without wiremod and acf.
100 hours of roleplaying with DarkRP, melonbrew, Taco n Banana.

2000+ hours spent playing/administrating on Noobonic Plague.

TTT and Spacebuild are pretty good gamemodes.