100 Posts celebration Image

Okay, so I just through this together to celebrate my 100 Postcount :3

DoF hides entities (ropes) >:C


Fuck off, nobody cares.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Troll alt of permabanned user" - verynicelady))

No you fuck off.

Also reported for flaming :3

wow troll image

Well… uh… that’s some kind of… strange.

Oh fuck the terms, that’s pure shit. No putting a fucking gman with a fucked up facepose and a shitload of DOF doesn’t make your picture cool.

I never said I wanted it to be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I concur.


trolls are getting stupider everyday

Whoop-dee-fuckin-doo, nobody gives a shit.

All this thread is doing is shoving pictures with a lot more work put into them one space closer to the bowels of page 2.

lol faggot

Whatever, let the thread die already. I’m making a new picture. Go watch my other threads, they’re ten times better.