100% pure sandbox servers

Can someone post here the ip of a 100% pure sandbox server?
What I mean: I’m really tired of playing build servers. The best sandbox I found, was called “golden sandbox” and there only were 2 kids. The best of the server (sarcastic, I hate that server):
There isn’t noclip and the god mode was activated.

A 100% pure sandbox must have:
Noclip on.
God mode OFF.
You can spawn npcs.
As if you want to trow a nuke.
A good admin for kick mingebags and others.


Well, spawn npcs and trow nukes, with caution (telling to the admin, etc)

Those are the ingredients in a minge salad.

Nuke=Minge to the extreme. It has a tendency to, oh, I don’t know, blow the fuck out of things.

listen servers are the best bet

nobody wants to pay for a dedicated server that needs 24/7 babysitting

Minge Salad… Now with 150% more Crash ,and Spam!


Well, aren’t the nuke weapons admin only? If no, someone edit them!

Depends on what nuke addon. Some are Sents and others are Sweps. I think they’re all admin only.