100 Ways to die in Garry's Mod.

I and friends have been working on an advertisment (i use this word lightly) for our Gmod RPing server. We have made most of them already but would like some help thinking of the last ones. I though “who better that those guys?”

Here is the current list, Any suggestions would be appreciated:

1 thrown out of a window
2 crashing a car
3 tripping
4 getting shot
5 dying
6 breaking the law
7 old age
8 money printer explosion
9 meeting james bond
10 commiting suicide
11 falling alseep on the stairs
12 selling child porn
13 heart transplant
14 melon to the melon
15 papercut
16 being a traffic cop
17 baseball
18 being the fuzz
19 sleeping in the ocean
20 being a pirate
22 meteor strike
23 falling asleep on a balcony
24 getting stepped on while sleeping
25 not paying a hooker
26 ran down by sofa
27 stealing a money printer
28 shotgun to the crotch
29 taking heroin
30 moving a piano
31 getting in the way
32 humping a turret
33 food fight
34 drowing in the toilet
35 breaking your neck
36 making out with a zombie
37 trying to make an arrest
38 dying of embaressment
39 getting puched in the gut
40 fishing
41 prop-pushed
42 pushed of a building
43 making bathtub toast
44 thinking you’re ganster
45 house fire
46 obesity
47 crucifixtion
48 burning the food
49 playing the vuvuzela
50 drowning in blood
51 eating lead
52 pissing off the mayor
53 murdering a coffee table
54 vigorous masturbation
55 eating a baby
56 thowing your shit
57 overdosing
58 forgetting to freeze props
59 being afk
60 annoying an admin
61 eating urainium
62 getting mauled
63 being rebecca black
64 zombie invasion
65 crossing the line
66 being the camera man
67 drive by
68 raging on your computer
69 pretending to be smart
70 stealing a car
72 getting raided
75 seeing a yellow convertable mini
76 letting cal129 drive (worst driver known to man)
77 causing a riot
79 dissing chuck norris
80 abusing the police
81 abusing your mayoral privlages
82 sex a money printer
84 putting a baby in a printer
85 jumping into a fan
86 being a copycat
89 raiding darkangels place (indestrucable admin fortress)
93 paper boy

Please put the death number before each death and how it will be filmed E.g Number 44-thinking you’re gangster: an old white man will walk up to 2 black gangsters and say “whats up my n****rs” the gangsters then look at eachother and shoot him repeatedly.

All guest deaths will be credited in the video.

The Gmod server is called “Sync gaming” roleplaying server by the way.

Done. :smug:

also number 100 is saved for the most epic massacre know to man

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broke my automerge

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theres a number, but none are on servers, our ways are made specifically for the server, none are ripoffs of machinima

Are you saying this whole thread is for just a couple of guys who play one server?

For example:

how do you mean?

Perhaps I’m wrong, but doesn’t this imply that these are a list of death you are compiling for you and a couple of mates that play 1 server?

yes and no, me and a couple of mates are compiling this for a server but its mainly as a showing/advertisment as to what can happen on this server, we mainly want to get it more well known

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we will put it up on youtube and let people know how awsome it is

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it will be written as raiding the admins, this is just for starting purposes

Number 100: posting something like this on facepunch, then getting flamed