1000 awsome things about Garry`s Mod

I alot of people complaining about things on Facpunch, yet I dont really see much about what makes the game awsome, so Ill start.

I found a funny video on ModDB that shows how awsome Garrysmod is.

**1. Almost anything can be created. **

(Also, could you make your replies in bold.)

2: You cant lose

(at least in sandbox mode)

3: Rube Goldberg’s

Nuff said.

4. So many custom addons.

5. Almost anything can be deleted

6.you have custom gamemodes

  1. Sexual ragdoll poses…

8. NPC wars of your dreams!

Rube Goldberg’s what?

  1. DarkRP its so fun!


  1. Perpetual motion machines everywhere!
  1. Custom Everything

12.you can kill gman

13.Build a giant robot.

  1. Spawn NPC’s, kill them, rinse and repeat.

15. It’s only limited by your imagination.

16. The Sandbox part is a valid excuse to shoot/run over NPC’s in front of your parents.


  1. Banning children after torturing them with your creations.
  1. If your ever in trouble with gmod, just go to facepunch and people will help.
  1. break the laws of physics. even when the game has a physics engine :v: